Free pattern Friday: Colorblock Shawl

Noch eine richtig schöne Anleitung vom Free Pattern Friday.
Ein Color-Block-Schal aus feiner Merinowolle bei espace tricot.

Espace Tricot Blog

free_colorblock_shawl2(Photo:Jen Emmerson)

Colorblock Shawl by Jenn Emmerson is an easy-knitting, easy-wearing piece that will take you from early fall into winter. It’s worked in one piece from the bottom up in solid, contrasting colours using simple increases to create the triangular shape. While this is obviously a great pattern for beginners, we think the graphic, high-impact nature of the project makes it an appealing knit for all skill levels! [ED: ooops, the red and grey version is actually knit with Blue Sky Alpacas – Alpaca Silk (not MillaMia) – the grey and yellow sample below is knit with MillaMia. Note: We are also fully stocked with 30 c0lours of BSA Alpaca Silk!].

free_colorblock_shawl1(Photo: Jen Emmerson)


MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino yarn is made from 100% extra fine Merino Wool. Its supersoft feel makes it ideal for babies and young children, and the lovely twist…

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